Zhou Lan 蓝舟

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Zhou Lan (Harvard Catelyst Webpage) (CV)
Instructor in Medicine; Investigator
Harvard Medical School
Department of Radiology and Center for Clinical Investigation, Brigham and Women's Hospital


Office Phone: 617-732-6467
Office: Medical Research Building 208C


Zhou Lan is a faculty biostatistician at the Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI) within the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Zhou is a research focused individual to serve as a biostatistical teacher within the Center for Clinical Investigation. Primarily, Zhou collaborates closely with investigators in the Department of Radiology with 0.6 FTE. Zhou Lan earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from North Carolina State University and received the Paige Plagge Award. Zhou has advanced knowledge of diverse statistical techniques such as spatial statistics, Bayesian computing, and longitudinal data analysis with applications to neuroimaging and clinical/epidemiological studies. His primary research focuses on developing statistical methodologies for MRI data. He has several papers published in many journals (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, JAMA Open Network, Biometrics, Bioinformatics, Canadian Journal of Statistics, Nanomedicine, etc.). Over the next 3-5 years, Zhou will develop an investigative program in conjunction with the CCI and Radiology inclusive of teaching trainees and other faculty about statistical methods and analyses, and construct a robust funding portfolio for medical imaging analysis.


Nov 27th 2023: Zhou Lan's paper "Impact of possible errors in natural language processing-derived data on downstream epidemiologic analysis" has been accepted by JAMIA Open

Sep 7th, 2023: Zhou Lan is selected to be a Student Paper Competition Committee Member of ASA Mental Health Statistics Section (MHSS)

July 31st 2023: Zhou Lan's paper "Multivariate Spatial Modeling for Predicting Missing HIV Prevalence Rates Among Key Populations" has been accepted by Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society)

June 11 – 14, 2023: Zhou Lan's invited section "Mathematics and Statistics in Medical Imaging" was given at The 2023 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium.

April 19th 2023: Zhou Lan was invited as Mentored Biostatistics Faculty to attend 2023 Advanced Research Institute (ARI) in Aging and Mental Health Mentored Biostatistics Faculty Program. The 2023 The ARI Spring Retreat will be Wednesday April 19th through Saturday April 22nd at Tanque Verde Ranch Tucson, AZ.